Google Drastically Cuts Price Of Daydream VR Headset

To the dismay of anyone who paid full price for it, Google slashed the price of their VR headset...

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Compute Module 3

Raspberry Pi Launches Compute Module 3, 10x In Computing Power

Here's some news coming straight from the Raspberry Pi foundation. They have just released the...

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sapphire nitro box

Sapphire Announces Nitro OC, First-Ever Radeon RX 460 GPU With Polaris…

Sapphire is treading into unknown territory today with the launch of their new Radeon RX 460 Nitro...

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Nougat 7.0 To Come To Honor 8 and HTC 10

Android fans around the world will be happy to know that the Nougat 7.0 march continues on, with...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 May Feature A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

The rumor mills have been swirling with speculation around the Samsung Galaxy S8. There are already...

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Samsung May Have Figured Out The Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Ahead of the official publication next week, a source within Samsung has disclosed that the Korean...

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Nintendo Switch Controllers Need Special Grip To Charge During Play

After its big reveal last Friday, slowly more and more information is coming out concerning the...

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Opera Neon

Opera Neon Is The Web Browser Reimagined For The Future

Opera has a kick-butt browser, but it's widely undiscovered compared to Chrome. It's currently the...

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Apple MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro Gets Recommendation From Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, one of the most important sites in North America when it comes to reviews of...

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Nintendo Switch

More Nintendo Switch Specifications Revealed

After its official kick-off event yesterday, we finally know a little more concerning the...

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CyberPowerPC Unveils New Oculus Rift Bundle

Virtual reality is one of those things that we all dreamed about as a kid. So far, reality hasn't...

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Microsoft Announces Changes To Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Despite the fact that people usually love free stuff, many people were unwilling to take Microsoft...

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Live Event Tonight

The Nintendo Switch ramp-up is scheduled to officially start tonight, January 12, at 8 p.m. via...

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Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Hyper-Threading

Intel Adds Hyper-Threading To All Kaby Lake Processors

Intel confirmed yesterday that any new Kaby Lake processor will once again have Hyper-Threading...

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U Ultra

HTC Announces U Play and U Ultra

HTC today announced that it's adding two new smartphones to its lineup, the U Play and the U Ultra....

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SK Hynix Launches High Density 8GB LPDDR4X

SK Hynix on Monday announced that it will be launching the world's first high-density mobile...

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