Fergus O'Sullivan

Fergus has been tinkering with computers since he was a kid and likes to put a stop to parties by listing the specs of all the digital devices in the room. It's best not to let him near your computer since he'll take it apart and may not put it back together again before he leaves.

Google Drastically Cuts Price Of Daydream VR Headset

To the dismay of anyone who paid full price for it, Google slashed the price of their VR headset...

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Compute Module 3

Raspberry Pi Launches Compute Module 3, 10x In Computing Power

Here's some news coming straight from the Raspberry Pi foundation. They have just released the...

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sapphire nitro box

Sapphire Announces Nitro OC, First-Ever Radeon RX 460 GPU With Polaris…

Sapphire is treading into unknown territory today with the launch of their new Radeon RX 460 Nitro...

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Nougat 7.0 To Come To Honor 8 and HTC 10

Android fans around the world will be happy to know that the Nougat 7.0 march continues on, with...

by   /   2 days ago

Mushkin Reveals Two New 2TB SSDs at CES

During a presentation at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Mushkin revealed two new 2.5”/7...

by   /   2 days ago

Samsung May Have Figured Out The Galaxy Note 7 Explosions

Ahead of the official publication next week, a source within Samsung has disclosed that the Korean...

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Nintendo Switch Controllers Need Special Grip To Charge During Play

After its big reveal last Friday, slowly more and more information is coming out concerning the...

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Apple MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro Gets Recommendation From Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, one of the most important sites in North America when it comes to reviews of...

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Nintendo Switch

More Nintendo Switch Specifications Revealed

After its official kick-off event yesterday, we finally know a little more concerning the...

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Live Event Tonight

The Nintendo Switch ramp-up is scheduled to officially start tonight, January 12, at 8 p.m. via...

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Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Hyper-Threading

Intel Adds Hyper-Threading To All Kaby Lake Processors

Intel confirmed yesterday that any new Kaby Lake processor will once again have Hyper-Threading...

by   /   6 days ago
U Ultra

HTC Announces U Play and U Ultra

HTC today announced that it's adding two new smartphones to its lineup, the U Play and the U Ultra....

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SK Hynix Launches High Density 8GB LPDDR4X

SK Hynix on Monday announced that it will be launching the world's first high-density mobile...

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