NVIDIA 2014-2017 GPU Roadmap: Pascal Titan GP100 To Debut in April, GTX 1080 in June, and Volta in 2017

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Nvidia Pascal GPU

Nvidia’s last GPU roadmap update came back in September last year, but the information was scarce at the time. Thanks to the latest update, we’re now aware of Nvidia’s future plans for 2016-2017, which are summarized below.

First of all, there is no change in the roadmap in relation to existing products. Strickly speaking, the Maxwell 1.0 core generation with the chip code number GM108 still exists, powering the low-end mobile products. The only adopted product include the GeForce 930M / 940M that features 3 Smaller Streaming Multiprocessors (SMMs) with 384 shader cores.

NVIDIA 2014-2017 GPU Roadmap

Speaking of this year, the next-gen Pascal architecture is scheduled to be deployed in every upcoming product. With the chip code name marked as GPxxx, the high-end products are expected to be powered by GP100, as published in the lecture slides at the 2015 Taiwan GTC Deep Learning, which was held back in September last year.

In addition to this, we’ve also recently spotted the GPU GP104 in a shipping manifest on Zauba. According to leaked details, the chip comes in a 37.5×37.5mm BGA package, and has 2152 pins. Which indicates that the new Pascal chip is not only smaller in size, but features a much denser architecture making the chip theoretically faster than both GTX 980 Ti and TITAN X.

Further, the GP104 will have a die size of around 300 to 350 mm² as compared to the GM204’s 398 mm², while the GP100 aka the Big Pascal will come with a little more 450 mm². Moreover, the chip is rumored to feature 32GB of VRAM and nearly 17 billion transistors in a relatively smaller packing. The flagship Pascal GPUs are based on the 16nm FinFET process and are said to use the next generation High Bandwidth Memory, or HBM2, standard.

As for the unveiling, the Titan grade products based on the GP100 are expected to be announced in April, with the downgrade version to debut in June 2017. On the other hand, the GP104 based series, allegedly called the GeForce GTX 1080, and its scaled down version GTX 1070 will be unveiled in June this year, just before or after COMPUTEX.

Finally, the Volta GPU, which will be able to achieve a two-fold performance and power consumption compared to the Pascal, is scheduled to be operational sometime in 2017 to power supercomputers. Volta represents Nvidia’s sixth generation of General Purpose GPU architectures and and is set for a 2018 introduction in the consumer market.

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