Qualcomm SnapDragon 600E

Qualcomm’s Newly Unveiled Snapdragon 600E And 410E Processors Are Ai…

If you recently bought a smartphone from HTC, Samsung, LG, or Huawei, then chances are that it is...

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EVGA liquid-cooled GTX 1070

EVGA Liquid-cooled GTX 1070 And 1080 Premium GPUs Are Here

There are aftermarket versions of the 10-series GPUs from Nvidia which are not significantly...

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Nvidia Iray Cinema 4D

Nvidia Iray Cinema 4D Rendering Plug-In; Photo Real Mode And More

Nvidia Iray Cinema 4D rendering plug-in has been introduced by the company. It provides an...

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Nvidia GTX 1050 release

Nvidia Volta Rumored to Feature 16GB GDDR6 with 14GB/s bandwidth

According to a new leak, the Nvidia Volta for consumers could launch around 2018. The next-gen GPU...

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President Vladimir Putin - 0

Russia Plans to Abandon Microsoft Products, Replaces Outlook with MyOf…

Russia’s capital is planning to get rid of Microsoft. Authorities in the city of Moscow are going...

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New TSMC 10nm Chips

MediaTek’s New TSMC 10nm Chips: Everything We Know About Them

When it comes to 10nm chips we know that even big names like Intel are having a bad time, but...

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Apple's Latest Revolutionary Product

Nvidia Might Be Help In Developing Apple’s Latest Revolutionary Prod…

Nvidia has helped Apple in the past by providing GPUs for their products but this has changed as...

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Dedicated Apollo Lake Motherboard

Asus Dedicated Apollo Lake Motherboard Announced; 1st Of Its Kind

Asus has announced a dedicated Apollo Lake motherboard. This will come in an mATX form factor and...

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Exploding Galaxy S7 Edge

Exploding Galaxy S7 Edge; Samsung On an Explosive Spree

We have all heard about the Note 7 explosions that have been going on around the world. It was so...

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Google Pixel 3 Laptop

Google Pixel 3 Laptop Will Feature The New Andromeda OS

Microsoft has the Surface series, Apple has the Mac, now it seems that Google also wants some of...

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High-end AMD AM4 Chipset Leaked; Supports Multi-GPU Rendering

With the launch of their Zen-based Summit Ridge processor series, AMD is going to move towards a...

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Chaos-based processors

Chaos-based Processors Could Be Solution To Moore’s Law Hurdles

We recently talked about AMD and Intel's debate regarding Moore's Law being dead or not. Here we...

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TSMC Roadmap

TSMC Roadmap Updated: 7nm Production Starting 2018

We know that Globalfoundries is skipping the 10nm process and going directly to the 7nm process....

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Asus G11 Gaming Desktops

Asus G11 Gaming Desktops Now Come With The GTX 10 Series GPUs

Asus is one of the most reputable names in the PC hardware race. The company has now announced that...

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Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro

An AMD Zen SoC Could Be Opted For In The Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro

A few weeks back, we heard reports about AMD getting a huge win for their Polaris 10 GPUs. Reports...

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AMD Gray Hawk APU

AMD Gray Hawk APU; 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 7nm Zen+, Coming 2019

There have been a number of rumors and speculations about what AMD is working on for the future and...

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