PowerColor Radeon RX 470 Red DEVIL

PowerColor RX 480 Red Devil Unlocked BIOS Pushes Card to Its Limits

PowerColor has released a new BIOS file for the RX 480 Red Devil, dubbed 'unlocked BIOS' which...

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Project Scorpio

Microsoft Already Has Plans For Post-Project Scorpio Gaming

Microsoft’s upcoming console, Project Scorpio is still under development and is not expected to...

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Nvidia Parker SoC _ 0

Nvidia Unveils Parker SoC Powered By 256-core Pascal GPU

Nvidia has finally unveiled its new Parker SoC during the Hot Chips Symposium in Cupertino,...

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PCIe 4.0

PCIe 4.0 Standard Will Mean The Death Of Annoying Cable Connectors

PCI Special Interest Group have announced that PCIe 4.0 is almost ready and once it is launched, it...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

iPhone 6s Beats The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in App Speed Test

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recently released and it is Samsungs's flagship smartphone. This means it...

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holographic processing unit

Microsoft Reveals Details About Holographic Processing Unit In HoloLen…

While Microsoft has shared a lot of details regarding HoloLens and even made retail availability...

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Nvidia GP100

Nvidia GP100 Flagship Pascal GPU Die Shot Shown at Hot Chips

Nvidia GP100 is a top of the line GPU from Nvidia and has been on the market since June this year....

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HD Android Games

10 Best HD Android Games You Should Have On Your Device

Mobile gaming is the new craze these days and there is a good reason behind it too. You need a PC...

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AMD Headquarters

AMD Headquarters Shifting To Santa Clara After 47 Years

The AMD headquarters has been in Sunnyvale, California for the last 47 years now but that is...

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Microsoft Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio Won’t Run Every Game At 4K/60FPS

The biggest feature that Microsoft Xbox Scorpio has to offer, because of which everyone is hyped...

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Rex Linux Trojan malware_Bitcoin miner_0

Rex Linux Trojan, A New Multipackage Malware Spotted – Ransomware An…

Hackers these days are getting smarter and their products becoming more notorious and complicated....

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AMD Stock

AMD Stock Skyrockets Further After Zen Unveiling, Up 330%

AMD Stock has been rising ever since AMD Zen was announced but that does not stop there. Now after...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 Version Locked To 30FPS

Rise of the Tomb Raider is finally coming to PS4 after a year’s ‘exclusivity’ in the form of...

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AMD Stock Rating Downgraded By Vetr

Equities research analysts at Vetr have downgraded AMD stock from a “sell” to a “strong...

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HBM3 and Low Cost HBM In The Works; 2x Higher Bandwidth Than HBM2

Details regarding the next-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) have been revealed at Hot Chips...

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DDR5 RAM Will Be Here By 2020, Specifications Being Worked On

There was a time when DDR4 RAM was really expensive but as time has passed, it is easily accessible...

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